Leading Edge & Strut Repair Kit


Thermoplastic adhesive makes a great bond for the leading edge. This Dacron patch is designed to be applied on the inside of the Strut or Leading Edge for an permanent, invisible repair.
Use any household iron to apply to your kite.

  • The only product of its kind on the market
  • Made specifically for repairing Leading edges and struts on your kite
  • Thermoplastic adhesive allows for this product to be applied to the inside of struts for nearly invisible repair
  • No messy glue necessary!
  • Super strong dacron backing material
  • Product can be stitched over later on
  • Product can be applied using a normal household iron in seconds

Don’t have an Iron? You can use our Repair Iron for this product.

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Leading Edge & Strut repair patch (3" x 30"), Heat shields, Abrasive pads, Alcohol swabs, Instructions, Sticker and Waterproof case
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