Learn how to get the best results using KITEAID products by seeing them in actions…

Bootie Repair - Bladder & Valve Kit

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Will fixes his bootie with the Bladder & Valve Repair Kit.

Production of custom kits for Epic Kites

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Epic kites includes a KITEAID kit with each kite they sell. We did a little video of the production run.

Leading Edge Bladder Repair

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Guide for repairing the main bladder of your kite with KITEAID.

Valve Repair

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Steph repairs the valves on his kite while on vacation in Cuba.

Escola De Kite Surf - KITEAID Repair Center

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Tiago repairs a MASSIVE 6 foot tear with KITEAID Sail Repair

Sail repair across a seam

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Explanation of repairs across a seam to ensure a good bond.