Welcome Jason Blanchard to the KITEAID team!

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Jason Blanchard is one of the most committed kiteboarder there is, playing a fundamental part in the growth of the sport in Quebec, Canada. Through channelling his passion for the sport into educating people, his energy and focus has helped to expand the reach of kiteboarding. 

We caught up with Jason to hear what he had to say.

Name: Jason Blanchard
Hometown: Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada
Born: 1997

What's your Kiteboarding background?
I started kiteboarding with my dad when I was 12 years old. Since then it quickly became a real passion of mine and has pretty much taken over my life! After finishing school, I have been focusing 100% of my time on kiteboarding, training and competing worldwide.

Define your style and what aspects of Kiteboarding do you enjoy the most.

I'm definitely a freestyle rider. I enjoy the fact that they're no limits to the sport. You can always jump higher, go faster, add a grab or spin to your moves. It's is limitless!

You'll be riding Core kites and promoting KITEAID as well this season. Why is that?
I am super stoked to be part of the CORE Kiteboarding and KITEAID teams. They have been a great support. This year I've moved onto the CORE International Team and really looking forward to competing at an international level. I will also be promoting KITEAID at events that I plan on attending this year. If you need some assistance with any repairs, come see me!


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