Pin Hole Repair Kit

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KITEAID teamed up with Epic Kiteboarding to create this repair kit which is included in every one of their kites.

Instantly repair small tears in your sail or bladder with this Pin Hole Repair Kit. Keep one handy in every kite bag in your quiver! Great when you see small holes in your kite while at the beach and want to prevent them from becoming tears. Just apply the Clear Sail Repair patch to the pin hole and you are good to go :)

Small leaks in your bladder can also be easily fixed with the Bladder Repair Patches. Simply locate the leak, peel and stick on the small patch and get back on the water!

It's simple, If you own a kite you need one!

3 x  Bladder Repair patches(11/16" Dia./ 14.5mm ), 3 x Clear Sail Repair patches (1 7/8" Dia./ 47mm), Alcohol swabs, Watertight bag, Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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