Why choose KITEAID?

KITEAID products are durable.  Repairs that outlive your kite.
Strong professional repairs are produced by all of our products.
The elements are hard on your kites (and repairs).  Our UV stable products give repairs longevity.
The strongest bladder repair anywhere, the KITEAID bladder repair is virtually indestructible.
Our repairs are flexible to easily conform to the kites shape.
KITEAID developed heat activated repair patches are revolutionary.  Full strength repairs in seconds that anyone can do.


What is KITEAID made of?

The Clear Sail Tape Repair kit is the best product to repair a damaged kite anywhere. Repair over decals or while traveling with this versatile product.

The Sail Repair kit is the easiest repair product to use, making multi-dimensional repairs a cinch.

The Leading Edge & Strut Repair kit is totally unique to KITEAID and offers professional invisible repairs.

The Bladder Repair kit offers the only repositionable bladder patch on the market.  Never mess up a complicated repair with this product.  


Which KITEAID product do you need?

KITEAID offers great products for every type of repair you may need.  Find exactly what you need for your repair and ensure you don't spend too much money getting your kite back up.

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