Product Questions

  1. What is the difference between the Clear Sail Repair Tape kit and the Sail Repair kit product?
    The Clear Sail Repair Tape uses a pressure sensitive permanent adhesive and the Sail Repair uses a thermoplastic heat activated adhesive. You will need to use an iron to apply the Sail Repair product. Both products work very well for damage on the canopy ripstop of your kite.

  2. My tear in my kite runs through a seam, can it be repaired?
    Yes it can. Use either the Clear Sail Repair Tape kit or the Sail Repair kit.

  3. Can the Sail Repair kit repair damages in my kite struts?
    Yes it can for small tears up to 1in long. The product must be applied to both the inside and outside of the strut. We do however recommend using our Leading Edge & Strut Repair kit for these types of repairs.

  4. Are repairs with the Clear Sail Repair Tape kit permanent?
    Yes they are and should last the lifetime of your kite.

  5. Are repairs with the Sail Repair kit permanent?
    Yes and should last the lifetime of your kite.

  6. Are Repairs with the Bladder Repair kit permanent?

  7. Are repairs done with the Leading Edge & Strut Repair kit permanent?

  8. Why do some KITEAID products use Iron-on adhesives?
    Thermoplastic adhesive are extremely strong and long lasting. They also do not have any cure cycle which allows repairs to be done very quickly.

  9. If my valve is leaking a the base, what product do I need to use to repair it?
    You can either replace the entire valve or use our Valve Sealant to re-attach it.

  10. Can I use a regular household iron to apply the thermoplastic adhesive repair products to my kite?
    Yes. Just be sure to set it to Nylon.

  11. Is repairing a kite something that anyone can do?
    Yes! Check out our youtube channel for instructional videos on how to use KITEAID.

  12. How long does it take to repair a kite?
    It can vary from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on what you are repairing and the severity of the damage. Repairs involving removing bladders from the kite take longer to accomplish.

  13. How long does it take KITEAID products to dry/cure and reach full strength?
    Thermoplastic adhesives reach full strength within minutes. The permanent adhesives used on our Clear Sail Repair Tape and Bladder Repair tapes take 24 hours to be completely cure but are strong enough for use two hours after application.

  14. Can KITEAID fix a L-shaped tear in a kite?
    Yes, just be sure to overlap the two patches.

  15. Do I need to apply the Sail Repair or Clear Sail Repair Tape product to both sides of the kite?
    No, this is not necessary.

  16. For the iron-on (thermoplastic) repair tapes, what surface should I perform the repair on for best results?
    Be sure to use a soft cotton cloth over a flat surface for best results. This will ensure that you apply uniform pressure to the repair patch using the iron.

  17. Can I repair my kite on the beach?
    You can but it is not recommended due to the sand and wind. You will find it difficult to align a tear without the ability to secure the kite properly.

  18. Can I send my kite to KITEAID and have them repair it?
    Unfortunately we are not equipped here at KITEAID to receive your kite. We can however recommend a repair center near you if you care to contact us.

  19. Will the One-pump hose and clamp kit work for my brand of kite?
    Yes, the hoses that we use are very flexible and longer than necessary to be cut to length.

  20. Will the KITEAID Valves work on my brand of kite?
    We offer the most universal valves on the market. If you have a doubt, please contact us and we can help you determine if it will work.

  21. Should I clean my kite before repairing it?
    Yes. Always clean it with fresh water and allow it to dry properly before attempting a repair.

  22. Is it less expensive to fix my kite myself as opposed to sending it to a professional repair center?
    It is definitely less expensive to repair your kite yourself.

  23. How should I store my KITEAID products?
    Ideally in a cool dry place out of the direct sunlight. Your kites as well should be stored in this manner.

  24. What is the best way to repack my repair kit once opened?
    The easiest way is to remove all contents, roll up the tape including the instructions and insert into the packaging. Insert any other components as the last step.

  25. Do KITEAID repair products have a shelf life?
    This is greatly dependant on the environment and how they are stored. We have seen products from 5 years ago still in great shape without any deterioration.

  26. How do I find a leak in my bladder?
    The best way is to inflate your kite and go over the affected area with soapy water.

  27. How do I find pin holes in my kite canopy?
    This can be done by holding up your kite towards the sun. The pin holes will be quite evident.

  28. Should I fix pin holes in my kite canopy immediately?
    Yes, these holes can become large tears at any point.

  29. My repair products got wet, what should I do?
    Allow them to dry completely at room temperature before using again.

  30. My Iron-on repair tape’s edge is lifting, what should I do?
    Simply clean the area under the patch with fresh water to remove the contaminants, allow to dry, then follow the instructions contained in your repair kit.

Shipping and payment

  1. Where do KITEAID products ship from?
    We are located in Montreal, Canada and ship all our products from here. You should come visit! :)

  2. How long will it take to receive my order?
    Depending on your location and shipping option you chose at checkout, it can take anywhere from 4 business days to 5 weeks.

  3. Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes we do. We use Canada Post as our carrier.

  4. Can I use my own carrier to pickup my order?
    Yes. Please contact us to make arrangements.

  5. Are shipments insured?
    Yes up to 100$ when using Canada Post.

  6. What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.

  7. What currency are prices in?
    Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

  8. I need my order delivered to me within a week, what are my options?
    This is possible depending on where you live. Within Canada and the USA, choose Express Shipping and write us a comment at checkout to let us know. You also have the option to purchase our products from a local dealer. Kiteaid Dealers.

  9. How do I track my order?
    When choosing Express Shipping, we will provide you with a tracking number once your shipment is sent on its way.
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