Bladder Repair Kit

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Repairing a bladder is a delicate endeavor and it is easy to make a mess of it.  The main challenges are; the patch not folding on itself when working with it, and being able to reposition the patch if it doesn't go down perfectly.  Our main focus when developing the Bladder Repair patch was to solve these problems and make it impossible to make a mess.  Our patch does not easily fold on itself and is easy to remove from its liner.  The adhesive we are using for the Bladder Repair patch is specially designed to be repositionable in the first minute or two after applying.  The bond strength increases over time and will be full strength by the time it is back in the kite.

3" x 18" Bladder Repair patch, Alcohol swabs, Instructions, Sticker and Waterproof travel case

Strong Durable UV Resistant Flexible Puncture Resistant


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