Day Saver Kit

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This kit was designed to address any eventuality while remaining small enough to stuff into any kite bag.  Don't lose any valuable vacation time to damaged gear.  Including all of our unique products, this discounted kit is the best way to be prepared for anything.  To keep everything together in a nice self contained package, we provide a rugged Nylon zippered bag.  It packs down easily and can fit just about anywhere, perfect for traveling.

This kit is a must have for every kiter.  If you run out of any product, just restock what you need from our store.

Bladder Repair Kit – 18” x 3” Bladder patch
Clear Sail Tape Repair Kit 60" x 3” Clear Sail Tape
Leading Edge & Strut Repair Kit30” x 3” Dacron patch
Sail Repair Kit60" x 3” Ripstop patch
Valve Donut Repair Kit – 5x Valve Donuts

Standard Kit Includes
Bladder Kit, Clear Sail Tape Kit, Leading Edge & Strut Kit, Sail Repair Kit, Valve Donut Repair Kit,
Easy-to-carry zippered travel case, Stickers, Scissors, Permanent marker, Alcohol swabs, Instructions

Optional: Compact Repair IronAvailable in both 110V and 220V

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