North Airport Valve

North Airport Valve

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Below was taken straight out of the North Kiteboarding website. We could not have said it any better :)

The valves unique construction has several advantages, but first and foremost it saves time rigging. The valve works with any conventional pump or compressor as it can be connected directly to the bayonet insert of the hose. Additionally, the air passage of the new valve makes it possible to pass four times more air than before. The valve is suitable for both, inflation and deflation. the deflation option is integrated, which means no external deflation pin is required. Deflation is simply activated by turning the blue wheel on the inside of the valve completely to the right. Hence loosing air when not wanted is not possible, as the valve is closed after inflation by turning the bayonet completely to the left before taking it off. A short sizzling noise of a very small amount of air escaping from the interspace when taking of the bayonet is normal. The new air port valve can be easily operated with neoprene gloves thanks to the large diameter. Due to its very flat construction, it also prevents line snag. The valve enables fatigue-proof inflation due to the bigger air passage. Even bigger kites will be inflated within seconds.


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