KITEAID Team Rider Jason Blanchard at Junior Kiteboarding World Championships in France

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If you did not know or have heard of Jason Blanchard, you will from this day forward. Jason is a talented kiteboarder from Quebec, Canada and a driven individual. At the ripe age of 19, his passion for the sport and competition has brought him to different parts of the world to show off his skills and learn from the best. Most recently, he just got back from the Junior Kiteboarding World Championships in France where he finished in the top 10. We got to speak to him recently about his experience and this is what he had to say.

What made you decide to go to the world championships and what did you have to do to qualify?

I really wanted to participate at the Junior World Championship this year, because its my last year in the junior category, and it was the first ever Coupe Du Monde in France. We were more than 80 juniors from all around the world competing there at the world championships. 

What did you learn from competing at this event? 

I think France gave me a really good insight on competing at a high level as well as a great source of motivation for my up coming events. The level in France was really high and this gave me a good idea of what I need to work on this spring to improve my skills.

Where will you compete next?

My next competition will be in North Carolina, where I'll try to make it into the Triple-S event by winning the Open Triple-S. This is my second year participating at this event and I am really stoked to be part of the whole thing.

Last question. What repair kit do you travel with when kiteboarding? ;)

I always travel with the KITEAID Day Saver Kit, because you never know when bad luck might happen. I better be ready to fix my kite if anything would happen during a competition. It`s the best insurance I could have!

Bonjour La France from Jason Blanchard on Vimeo.






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